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Hey, everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. I’m hoping that by the time you read this, I’ll be happily snapping photos of my (mostly) finished dining room. Today I wanted to share the family room before and after photos with you. This room is where the lion’s share of the decorating budget went. Here’s the starting point for the room:

They already had a very nice furniture arrangement set up, so it was just a matter of adding an additional chair and a larger rug and coffee table to anchor the room.

We could’ve gone with a “U” room configuration and added an additional chair, but they didn’t need the extra seating. The new chair makes the room better suited for conversation and fills in the lonely corner without blocking the television.

Here’s what this side of the room looked like:

A larger 11 x 14 rug was added and made a world of difference. She could’ve gone as large as a 12 x 15, but those are hard to come by and tend to be on the pricey side.

I wanted her to be able to display family photos, so I selected slim profile black frames with large white mats. They look more modern and are a nice foil to the organic lines of the stone fireplace. Yin Yang, y’all.

The drapes were hung too low, plus the hardware used wasn’t designed for a bay window (no elbow brackets) so there were a bunch of odd cuts where the poles kinda sorta met.

The largest part of the budget went towards the custom drapes. I’ve said this many times before–you can save money on accessories all the live long day, but window treatments are not where you should get tight with your wallet. I’d rather see a naked window than one not properly dressed.

Simple black iron hardware and white linen drapes frame the beautiful view. The panels are 101″. When you factor in the cost of hemming 108″ ready-made linen panels, custom drapes were the more affordable option.

The larger coffee table looks so much better than the smaller one. They aren’t planning on keeping the sofa and loveseat so there was no reason to buy end tables or a sofa table when it would limit their choices shopping for new pieces. Their current end table was painted and styled with a few accessories.

The custom pillows were also a perfect addition to the room. They add a little bit of pattern but still feel neutral thanks to the muted colors.

Here’s a nice wide angle picture of the rooms. I was so sad when she told me at our first meeting that they didn’t spend any time in here and I assured her once we were done they’d want to be in here all the time. And they do. #missionaccomplished

All images are by Christi Nielsen with the exception of the one directly above. Here’s the source list for all of the products. A few items are from my favorite shops in downtown McKinney, so those items are linked to the particular shop.

Coffee Table/Upholstered Chair and Chair Fabric/Plaid Pillow Fabric/Ikat Pillow Fabric/Round Iron Table/Artwork/Urns/Table Lamp/Lamp Shade/Drapery Fabric/Drapery Hardware Collection/Brass Picture Frame/Brass Plant Holder and Candle Holder/Fiddle Leaf Fig in Basket/Maiden Hair Fern in Iron Bowl/Area Rug/Gallery Frames/Black and Tan Basket

Tomorrow marks the big reveal of the dining room! I’m so excited to see what my friends have done in their spaces–lots of makeover goodness for you tomorrow. See you then!


17 thoughts on “Family Room Photos and Source List

    1. Hi, Tiffany. Yes, they permanently removed the shutters. The house backs up to a park with a lake and trees and the shutters blocked too much of the light and view. I have a love/hate relationship with my shutters. I love them where I need light control but still prefer the softness and pattern that fabric treatments bring to a room. But I dislike how the frames shrink the window opening, especially because natural light isn’t abundant in my home.

  1. Just curious how it is that the white fabrics -vs- cream fabrics work? My rocks look better with creams. Are your whites “white” or “ivory”?

    1. The drapery fabric is called white but it’s definitely a warm white. I think the color for this fabric should be called “ivory” to be a more accurate description of the color. Order a sample to be on the safe side.

  2. I have similar stone in my own home and have never liked it/never seen any rooms that I liked with it – til now! Great job. New to your blog and already impressed!

    1. Welcome, Linda! The stone can be challenging because it can look orange with the wrong paint color. The warm gray paint makes the orange tones fade away. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to love your stone!

    1. Thanks, Stacey! They have the most gorgeous view so it’s a perfect spot for entertaining. Lots of mature trees overlooking a park, which you know in Dallas is a big deal.

  3. So much warmer and cozy! You did a great job of respecting the space, their budget and adding a lovely place for their family, Sharon!

    1. Thank you, Connie! They’re really enjoying the room and will be starting on the formal living room next. I’m hoping to get my hands on the whole downstairs! 🙂

    1. Thanks! They’ve had the furniture for a long time and it’s definitely showing some wear and tear. They’ll likely get another year or two of use before they change them out, but I still didn’t feel comfortable having them buy tables until they purchase new ones.

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