Kitchen Makeover Reveal

Hey, everyone! Today I’m finally sharing pictures of our kitchen’s mini-makeover, started many moons ago back in January. This kitchen is a great example of how much difference the right lighting and hardware can make. Let’s go way back to last Christmas, which was the last time the kitchen was photographed in its original state.


This is seriously the least compelling “before” photo of all time. The kitchen was already amazing and a dream come true, so I only had a few minor adjustments to make. This was my inspiration collage:

Kitchen plans from Pretty Practical Home

My goal was to select elements that worked with the granite, not against it. While I would love honed soapstone or Carrara marble, we can’t afford to tear out perfectly good countertops. And while I toyed with the idea of painting the island, laziness won out and I left it as is. Plus, I was heavily influenced by this image:

Kitchen by Bill Ingram
Kitchen by Bill Ingram

Gold against dark wood is so beautiful and fits firmly in my decorating wheelhouse, so I ordered this hardware after giving up on the never-ending backorder at Pottery Barn. The hardware I chose was $70.00 (total!!) and while it’s not solid brass, it has a very substantial feel to it and the finish is just about perfect. The hardware comes in numerous finishes and the customer service I received was excellent. Two thumbs up.

Butler's pantry with gold hardware and black pantry door

The chrome pendants looked too modern with the cabinetry, plus the scale was inappropriate. I chose two large gold lanterns and hired an electrician to remove the middle electrical box and had the drywall patched.

Gold pendants in a white kitchen

While I’m not in love with the bar stools, they look much better now that they’ve been painted and reupholstered. I found the fabric on clearance at JoAnn’s and tried in vain to find the name and manufacturer for you. I purchased what was left on the bolt for under $20.00 and still have quite a bit left, which I intend to use to make welting for the cushions. (That gap drives me to distraction.)

The final addition was the bargain rug. It’s no longer available because there was only one for sale, which I scooped up for $130.00, including the rug pad. #score This is my favorite decorating bargain of all time. We all love the rug–it adds so much color and pattern and feels great under foot when cooking.

Hand knotted wool runner in a white kitchen with brass hardware, kitchen makeover from Sharon Joyce Interiors

White cabinets with brass cup pulls and knobs, kitchen makeover from Sharon Joyce Interiors

I kept the styling simple and filled my dough bowl with cabbages and artichokes. Those of you who aren’t into floral arranging, using fruits and vegetables in a bowl is a great way to add some color. (Get more simple kitchen styling tricks here.)

Dough bowl filled with red cabbage and artichokes, kitchen makeover from Sharon Joyce Interiors

I picked up my monogrammed napkins yesterday, just in time for fall tablescape season.

monogrammed napkins with bread and wine

Kitchen Makeover from Sharon Joyce Interiors

The little changes make the kitchen feel cozier and reflect my style much better. It truly is a dream kitchen for me and I’m grateful I get to cook in such a lovely space. What’s next on my radar? Here’s a hint…


In case you missed Erin’s update from last week’s Decorating Dilemma, she’s already purchased a mirror with my blessing and has ordered one of the rugs I suggested. I have a feeling she’s going to pick my favorite and bring a little more blue into her foyer.

August’s subscriber giveaway winner was Stephanie, who has been emailed a gift certificate to Etsy to purchase her pillows. This month’s subscriber giveaway is Vern Yip’s latest book, Design Wise.  You may remember Vern from his Trading Spaces days. He’s a truly gifted designer and you’ll love this book. It’s a practical guide to decorating a room from start to finish and includes measurement guides.

Finally, apologies for my sporadic posting schedule the past two weeks. Coaching cheer and Michael’s travel schedule have hit me hard. I hope to get back to at least two posts a week soon! Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you have a great day! 

19 thoughts on “Kitchen Makeover Reveal

  1. Gaaad! Those pendants and that rug!!!!! I’m switching up my rugs ASAP! Love it all Sharon, you truly deserve to do what you do – make homes more beautiful !!!!! Love it!

    1. Hey, Vel! We’ve all missed you in blogland. 🙂 The rug is my favorite in the house–such a deal and adds so much style to the room. Popping over to see your fall tour!

  2. Love every detail! So glad you didn’t paint the island. It’s so beautiful and timeless. New lighting rocks and good call on making it two lights instead of three!!

    1. Thanks, Sara! You know I hate to paint and would’ve hired out to paint cabinetry. I’m always scared about messing up my fancy house and would’ve left cabinet painting to the experts. 😉 The lanterns make me so happy, plus the kitchen is a lot brighter now!

    1. Thanks, Monica! We bought the house because I loved the kitchen so much. Fingers crossed that when you, Daniel, and Pee Wee buy your next home, you get a kitchen twice as nice! xoxo

  3. I love what you chose, Sharon! Brass is back with a bang but it’s so much prettier this time around. The rug is beautiful too. Do you like having wood floors in your kitchen? We are considering that next time.

    1. Thanks, Stacey! This is the second home where we’ve had hardwood floors in the kitchen. We absolutely love it and it is significantly easier on the feet than ceramic tile. I’ve never had issues with it not wearing well because of moisture and steam from the dishwasher, either. I toured a kitchen once that had cork flooring, which is super-gentle on the joints but the upkeep sounded like a total nightmare.

  4. These updates are fantastic. Perfect. Such a great example of making something more “you” but on a budget. I’m wondering if you would like the stools more if you didn’t have all 4? They look a touch crowded in there. Do you need all 4?

    1. Hi, Stacey! Yes, we use all 4 stools and eat at the bar more often than we eat in the dining room. My hope was we’d use the bar for breakfast only and use the dining table like civilized people but it’s so easy to just line everybody up at the bar for dinner, too! I’d love some backless stools to make the island look less cluttered but haven’t been looking lately. Maybe I’ll add that to my Christmas wish list. 🙂 Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and for stopping by!

  5. Looks great! Relatively small changes can make such a big difference. At the risk of suggesting something you’ve already done, did you check the selvage of the fabric? The name & mfr is usually printed there.

    1. Yes, the odd thing about this fabric is there’s no selvage. I think it’s because the fabric is a jacquard (that’s my best guess as to why it’s missing the information.) I tried a Google image search and couldn’t find it that way, either. Good thing this is just a temporary fix for the barstool situation or I’d be pulling my hair out. Ordinarily, I’d carry a bit of the fabric into the adjoining living room and would need to order more of the mystery fabric.

    2. Oh, I see. Well, how lucky you were to find fabric so close to your inspiration one and on clearance too! That happens so rarely, it makes me feel like I’ve won a prize when it does.

  6. Sharon,
    Your kitchen is sheer perfection! Love all the brass hardware and lighting. It adds a sparkly chicness to the space that is really lovely! Thanks for the hardware source! The timing couldn’t have been better. They are delivering my cabinets this week! YAY!

    1. Hi, Lisa! I’m so excited about your new house! The hardware company was wonderful to order from. I had to call because I couldn’t find the knobs that went with the pulls and the customer service rep provided product codes over the phone and waited while I looked. For the price I paid, I can switch them out and not feel bad about it if we ever do change the counters out. Can’t wait to see the cabinets!

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