New Year New Room Refresh Challenge–Week 2

Hey, everyone! Welcome to Week 2 of Stephanie’s New Year New Room Refresh Challenge. We’ve only got two weeks left before the big reveal and I’m sad to report basically zero progress was made this week. (Get ready for some amazing photos.) Thankfully I’m working alongside a group of ladies who put the “do” in done.

So where does the dining room stand right now? Basically the same as it did last week, although I had to relocate some plants in here due to cold weather.

The dog door is still there, nothing’s been painted, and there clearly isn’t any wainscoting. My wallpaper from Wallpaper Boulevard arrived, though! It’s in the big box you see right there. Now I just need it to get on the wall.

The Home Depot box is full of Christmas stuff and needs to make it to the attic. Since Michael is still gone, Β the box will likely sit here until I need to take reveal photos or the wallpaper installer moves it for me.

I thought you’d enjoy seeing the wallpaper that didn’t make the cut. First up are the plaid papers. This was when I thought I’d do a more traditional wainscoting all around the room with wallpaper above. The installer explained that my curved arched walls would make for awkward stopping points with the wainscoting, so that plan was scrapped.

Up next are the rejected grasscloth samples. Both of these were way too dark, although they do look pretty against the buffet top. Again, these options would’ve worked better with my original wainscoting plan.

The one on the left is way to casual for my taste, but the one on the right would’ve been a good option if I wanted the room to look darker.

Here’s the pastoral paper that Michael wasn’t on board with and the winning grasscloth. These papers would look beautiful together if you had a traditional chair rail set up.

The rug is still wrapped in plastic waiting to be rolled out. I’m so excited to see how it looks, but I know there’s no point unrolling it until the messy parts of this makeover are completed. (Which needs to happen in the next week or so. Good gravy, I need to get my act together.)

Unfortunately, that’s all, folks. I’d like to assure you that next week’s update will show some actual progress, but I’ve got a crazy week ahead followed by a weekend out of town. I’ve never not finished a room challenge before, though, and I don’t plan to start now. Let’s go see what the other ladies have accomplished this week!

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25 thoughts on “New Year New Room Refresh Challenge–Week 2

    1. Here I am answering comments when I should be painting. The wallpaper makes me so sad because I know how amazing this room could’ve been so I hate the thought of not finishing it the way I see it in my head. Better things are ahead, though!

  1. I love the wallpaper you chose! I think grasscloth is timeless and upscale- a no fail choice. And I can’t wait to see that rug all set-up in the space. Tell me you’re hosting a dinner party soon to enjoy your new space?

    1. I need to get Paige’s puzzle off the table first! She’s going to be upset but I can only edit my pictures so much. Plus, the WM money is burning a hole in my pocket so I’ll be getting some new things for the table.

  2. ooh la la! I like the third combo for wallpaper. That would have looked beautiful! I am so pumped to see everyones wallpaper. Question: I notice that you have an elephant ear plant, how do you keep it alive. I have one and it is dying and I do not know what I am doing wrong.

    1. I normally keep it on the porch and bring it in when it’s below freezing. It gets very little direct light (just in the morning) and shade most of the day since the porch is covered. It honestly looks a little sad now that it’s in the bright dining room. Maybe less light???

    1. Hey, Iris! I’m having major doubt right now, to be honest. πŸ™ I’m going to make a big push this weekend and hopefully Michael doesn’t get sent out of town, which is always a strong possibility. I should’ve picked a more manageable project!

  3. Can’t wait to see this room come together, it’s beautiful as is so it will be interesting to see your finished vision. (Looks like you got caught up in a crossword puzzle! πŸ˜‰ My sister sent me a really tough one for Christmas, and I swear I stayed up way too late a few nights working on it.)

    1. Hi, Kathy! Paige (my 11 year old) is the puzzler in our family. The rest of us lack the patience! The room plans keep changing as the deadline to finish approaches. At this point, the whole room is going to be one big surprise to everyone (including me!).

  4. Love the bird paper! Makes me smile, Sharon. You will get your act together. Nothing like “deadlines” to make me perform!

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Connie. I’m only nervous because I have to depend on the contractor’s timeline instead of my own. I may bite the bullet and hang the wallpaper myself. Yikes.

    1. You’re so right! This is a small project but I wish I had a couple more weeks to get it finished. Next week will be crunch time! Thanks so much for stopping by, Sandi.

    1. Thanks! I love the rug, too–it was such a bargain!Sweating getting an installer out here. Heaven help us if I have to install it myself!

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