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Hi, everyone! Friday is in sight, with a nice three day weekend just beyond. Going anywhere interesting? We’ll just be hanging out here in the Big D. I’d like to see the Perot science museum, since I hear it’s pretty amazing and it wasn’t here the last time we called Dallas home. Tips on what to expect are appreciated, Dallas readers!

Today I’m going to show you the pillows I made for Claire’s room, compliments of Paint-A-Pillow, sister company of Cutting Edge Stencils (the company whose stencil made my laundry room an oasis for me to wash clothes in). Michelle Zakko, the Social Media Manager for both companies, asked if I’d like to try out the pillow kit and host a blog giveaway. Yes and yes! The pillow kit was provided at no cost to me, but all opinions are my own.

The package arrived and Claire and I tore into it, since she knew the pillows were for her room. The kit arrived in a package that resembled a giant pizza box.

boxHere’s what we found inside.

box1My kit contained two down-alternative pillow forms, the stencil with the handy clip-on holder, two white pillow covers (natural is the other color choice), tools and paint. I selected the Athena pillow kit with green and navy paint.

stencilBefore going any further, I want you to know that I checked all the tags on everything in the box (and even the boxes themselves). It’s all made or assembled in the USA, which made me very happy. Not nearly as happy, though, as seeing this tag on the pillow forms.

tagI’m a little reluctant with the personal information on the blog still (just feeling y’all out–you’re a pretty quiet bunch), but I want you to know that Albany, Georgia is the town in South Georgia where we lived for the past 5 years. It’s a community that really struggles economically. Moving back to Dallas was a huge culture shock, just like we were in shock when we first arrived in Albany from Dallas. There is just so much plenty in Dallas, and so little in Albany. I love, love, love that Paint-A-Pillow uses a small, family-owned company from our former home as one of their vendors. Good on them.

Once Claire left for school, I got to work painting the pillows. This is a project that a kid would absolutely love, provided they don’t have a complete control freak for a mother. (I’m working on that.) The kit contains all the tools you need, including a paint tray, foam roller, and stencil brush. My instructions from Michelle were to watch the videos explaining the process, no doubt because she read my previous stencil review, where I basically didn’t follow any directions. (It worked out in the end, though.)

All you have to do is pour some paint in the tray, put an even coat of paint on your roller, and go to town. Start with the lighter color first if you’re planning on using more than one color. That way your brush/roller won’t pick up the darker paint. Here’s an action shot of me applying the paint (and following the directions).

stencil1Once I had the green areas painted, I applied the navy paint with the enclosed stencil brush. I used the recommended circular application, where I basically just swirled the brush around in little circles.

stencil2After applying the navy paint, I lifted up the little brass tabs that hold the stencil and pillow snugly together and popped the pillow out.

pillowI inserted the pillow forms into the zippered case and did a baby karate chop. Here are the painted pillows playing with their new friends, embroidered standard shams and polka dot euro shams. Best friends forever!

Navy bedroom from Pretty Practical HomeAnd a close-up of my new pillows. Claire has requested a little touch-up work. I said she was rather picky and she said she was just keeping it real. Ahh, 12 year olds!

Claire's room is finally done! I was a decorating tortoise on this project. Slow and steady won this race. Happy Friday, everyone!Overall impressions? It was certainly easy to do and I enjoyed being able to control the colors. I think the pillows turned out really cute and I’ll likely make some for the porch when we get around to tackling that space. You can also add embellishments like tassels and studs, which are available on the website, but I wanted a clean look for Claire’s room. My other thought was that this would be a great activity for a ladies’ night. Wine drinking and pillow painting seem made for each other, yes?

Don’t forget that tomorrow I’ll be sharing the progress in Claire’s room, so be sure to stop by. I hope you have a great day, and thanks for reading!

28 thoughts on “Paint-A-Pillow Review

  1. Sharon, pillow looks amazing. I would pick the Antico print – it is so zen which is the theme i’m going for in my patio.

    i’m keeping my fingers crossed – i’m in the process of redoing our patio and these would be perfect. thanks for keeping the comp simple!


    1. Congratulations, you are the winner! I will forward your contact information to Paint-A-Pillow and they will contact you to arrange for delivery of your pillow kit. Please send me a picture of your completed pillow–I’d love to share it on the blog!

  2. I’ve seen these before and they look really fun and cute. They’d be great for girls craft night. Geez I want them all! lol I really like the Ikat ZigZag.

  3. Wine and girls night pillow painting is in my future! Your pillows turned out great and I love the blog. I agree with Cathy, how do you get so much done in a week?! Like many others I love all of the prints, but Herringbone stitch is my favorite and Ikat Saida

  4. The colors in Claire’s room are so fresh and bright. Great eye you have, Sharon. And I’m always,amazed at how much you accomplish in only a week. Love the pillow…all of,them. If I had to pick which I will for,a giveaway…Oasis. Enjoyed the blog.

  5. I thought I would pick the Athena design because yours turned out so nicely but instead I’d like the Chandelier pattern.

  6. So many awesome designs to choose from!! I think I would choose the Funky wheel, white pillow, paint-a-pillow design. Sure love Cutting Edge Designs 🙂

  7. Zagora kit all the way! Your pillows look great, and the combo with the hotel-style embroidered shams and polka dot shams is adorable and classic!

  8. So much fun! Like others I struggle with making choices. I love the rooster but fear that all those colors and shading would not look the same once I got done with them, but Dominique, the hen, looks my speed. 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway!

  9. I like almost all of them! But you said to pick one (sigh… decision making is so hard!) so I will vote for the Chevron one. This would be a fun diy!

  10. Wow! They have really added quite a lot of new patterns since the first time I saw these!!! and I didn’t know that they were all made in the U.S. – it makes me really happy that they are using a small business for their sewing, too – that is really awesome! I really struggle when faced with too many choices (for instance the Cheesecake Factory menu) I like the Charlotte pattern, but also the Casablanca, and the Drifting Arrows…. and I also enjoy how the Nagoya pattern plays tricks with how you see circles/flowers… I liked more of them, I just can’t remember any other names, LOL. Your pillows turned out great with the navy and green paint – they look gorgeous with the pillow sham fabrics!! It’s going to be a very pretty room!!

  11. I like the Mermaid and the Fish Scallop… but then spotted the Otomi stencils and those may be my favorite! Love that everything in this kit is USA-made!

  12. Love the Ikat Saida! Although wish they had more true “block print” options…I have sourced some block print fabrics I love for new pillows but they are $$$ 🙂

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